About - Zartwork Designs inc. is a Long Island Web Design company that was formed in 2004. Zartwork creates innovative web designs / web applications and specializes in Print Design, Social Networking Development, Search Engine Optimization, and other marketing and advertising techniques. Zartwork utilizes state of the art design functionality and integrated marketing that helps your company create a compelling online presence.

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Zartwork is based on three main principals:

– The creation of innovative, user-friendly designs that are unique to each client
– Utilization of the newest marketing, development and design techniques
– Exceeding our client’s expectations

Zartwork creates designs that are user-friendly and unique. Designs that are visually impactful are great, but if the user does not understand them, then the information is lost. Our goal is to create a sleek web site and marketing campaign that works to promote your business effectively. We understand the importance of keeping your site up to date with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other marketing tactics so that your clients and potential clients can easily find you. Employing these techniques ensures your website is working to its full potential.


Here at Zartwork we ensure that your website is working to its full potential by utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other marketing tactics. We also integrate your marketing efforts online by connecting your web site to popular Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Yelp, and incorporating your print materials into the design. We have achieved great results initiating the development of web sites using Search Engine Optimized code. True to our main principals, we keep up to date with the current web standards and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules.


Meeting and exceeding your expectations is what Zartwork strives to achieve, regardless of your budget. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the designs and implementation, as well as with the overall service that we provide. At Zartwork our service does not end with the completion of your first project. We believe that your initial experience with Zartwork is only the beginning. We look to maintain a lasting relationship with each of our clients, providing great customer service in the maintenance of your projects, as well as helping your business grow with new concepts and ideas for the future.



Owner, operator, and art director. Zach started this business in 2004 and continues to keep his hand in every project at Zartwork. In his “spare” time, Zach teaches at multiple long island based Universities.


Web Design30%

Print Design20%



Supporting team member and Technical Director, Eric majored in International Marketing and studied abroad. He has a vast experience in manufacturing, system development, ISO quality certification and Six Sigma. His computer related accomplishments are numerous including;
Designed and manufactured networked micro computers prior to IBM PC.
Designed and installed expert systems in conjunction with Xerox PARC.
Designed and installed networks for Michigan State University, University of Michigan and over 50 companies nationwide.
Created bulk oil terminal database for Shell, Exxon, Gulf and Conoco Phillips.
Designed expert systems at Belmont Racetrack.
Developed Just-in-time release processing software with GM, Ford and Chrysler.
Created specialized software approved by State of New York.
Eric was also an owner of an auto dealership overseeing 110 employees and facilities of over three hundred thousand square feet.
Eric has won numerous sales and service excellence awards from General Motors.

Business Consulting100%



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